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DNS Parking

DNS Parking or Domain Name System Parking (also known as Domain parking) is a type of service or approach offered by a web host to their clients wherein they can secure a domain name for future use. This is also done by some businesses who are undecided between the permutations of various domain names and want to keep them from being ‘picked up’ or ‘stolen’ by others. What they do is park the various domain names till they reach a decision of which one they’d finally use.

The process of parking domain names is rather simple. The domain name is registered with the InterNIC by the web host and it is ‘parked’ on a server till the client decides it is to be made active. This ensures that no other company or individual would be able to register that domain name, thus securing it fully for the client’s use.

This type of service is offered to individuals and companies by Domain name registrar services or web hosts. They may provide the registrant some discounts or offers wherein if they opt to pay for more than a year, a portion of the annual registration fee would be waived off.

DNS parking can also be offered by Domain brokers. They buy domain names in advance with the hope that they might be resold for a profit after their value has increased.

While most companies offer paid parking, some companies offer free DNS parking too.

Domain name parking can be both monetized and non-monetized. When it is monetized, any visitors to your page are shown advertisements. In non-monetized, when a visitor types your domain name into the browser, a temporary webpage pops up, showing a ‘Coming Soon’ sign to them.

Some companies act as middlemen and actively serve domain name holders. They provide advertisements that are shown on the parking pages of these clients.

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