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Django is a free content management system built on the Python web framework by an experienced team of developers. The open source framework does not require any complicated coding and allows rapid development of clean designs. 

Features of Django:

1. It is amazingly fast. It helps developers to create, construct and deploy applications with ease and in quick time.
2. The software is highly secure and prevents attacks like cross-site scripting, SQL injections, clickjacking etc. 
3. It comes with all the security aspects like user authentication, RSS feeds, sitemaps, content administration and many more
4. It is modular in nature and allows easy scalability to meet all kinds of traffic requirements.
5. It is versatile and customizable to build all types of content from CMS to high-end computing platforms. It is being vastly used by government bodies, social sites, and small companies. 
6. It offers multi-lingual compatibility by default and comes with English and German out of the box.
7. Django is responsive in nature and responds instantly to all devices -laptops, tablets, PCs, smartphones of different sizes. 
8. It comes with an easy drag and drop interface and has the undo feature that allows users to go back to the previous versions with ease. 
9. It can be used for several applications in various platforms like blogs, to publish music, newsletters, recipes and for social network connections. 

Django comes in very handy for developers who are time constrained and have deadline commitments as it allows to go ahead with the development process without the need for complex coding.

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