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Distribution Denial of Service (DDoS)

Distributed denial of services is popularly known as DDoS. DDoS is a sabotage attempt to make online service unavailable to the system. This is done by overcrowding it with traffic from different online sources. This sabotage attempt is targeted at important establishments and infrastructures, such as financial institutions, online news information websites.

How does it work?

DDoS is a process where the number of systems those are Trojan infected, target a single system denying its online services. It is a hacking activity where many systems apart from the targeted system are affected. The targeted system is over flooded with incoming visiting traffic from many sources with separate IPs. This makes stopping the attack impossible as identifying the responsible IP remains very difficult.

How many types of DDoS are there?

DDoS has various ways to attack multiple systems.

Traffic flooding attacks send enormous ICPM, UDP, TCP packets to the targeted system. The legitimate requests are nowhere to be found. This may also be accompanied by malware.

Bandwidth attacks are overloading the targeted system with overloads of junk data. It makes the network bandwidth zero, with no equipment resources.

The attack on applications layers data messages to deplete resources that turns the targeted system’s services choked.

Distributed denial of services is an imposing threat to systems. 

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