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Disk Space

The term "disk space" refers to the amount of computer storage space on random-access memory devices, e.g. hard drive, floppy or USB flash drive. Disk space units are commonly measured in units of bytes, such as kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes, wherein each unit 1024 times larger than the previous unit. 

Storage Devices - The total disk space can span multiple devices, such as areas on an array of disk drives.

The broader term "storage space" can be mistaken for physical property storage, as with items stored in a closet or storage bin. Hence, the term "disk space" has remained in use, even when the storage devices are no longer shaped like disks. If the data stored is not Permanente then the common term "memory space" is used.

Comparing the different plans for the web hosting server we notice that the cost of a plan is directly proportional to the disk space. Greater the disk space required one has to pay more money. For a website with dynamic content, one should select a plan which provides maximum disk space. It may be a possibility that the site in the future requires more space than initially requested in order to decide for these situations one should review the cost of each additional unit of extra storage space required. 

As the website grows, it will take more disk space and would require more space than what is provided in the current hosting plan. One can either opt to remove some old content from the site to make space for new content or buy additional space. To consider buying more storage space one must consider the amount that you will have to pay per additional unit of extra storage space. One can easily get this information from the website of the hosting company or from their customer support. 

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