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Dedicated IP

IP (internet protocol) is a series of numbers assigned to devices that access the internet. It is a 32-bit numeric address written in 4 numbers that are separated by a period(dot). It identifies the device through which one approaches the internet. IP addresses come in two forms shared and dedicated. The dedicated IP address is also known as static IP address. Both have similar functions. The difference is mainly that a dedicated IP is exclusively meant for one individual account and allows them to use the same address on multiple accounts giving them complete control. On the contrary, shared IP address means it is shared among multiple users.  IP address routes the internet traffic to the right receiver to whom the mail is addressed.

The Dedicated IP address is beneficial for websites in many ways. Firstly, it is a necessity for securing a site with an SSL certificate. SSL certificates build up the trust of a customer to a website that it is safe to part with confidential and sensitive financial information (credit card details, social security number and other personal details) while making purchases. Secondly, since it has only one user, dedicated IP address maintains the speed and performance that high traffic demands to reduce the risks of the server crashing. Normally high traffic websites prefer dedicated servers which again come with an independent IP address and does not have the risk of the server crashing due to heavy load. Thirdly dedicated IP address helps in improving SEO ranking. Google considers high page load speed as consideration for better page ranking. Dedicated IP address assures of increased site speed. Another benefit is shared IP is prone to spammers, junk and other violations which leaves a genuine website at the mercy and risk of being blacklisted in case another shared user does some illegal activities. The dedicated IP address the user is assured of better privacy and is isolated from such risks.

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