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A DBMS or DataBase Management System is a software tool that helps the user to create and manage databases. It assists the user to perform just about any function in a database.

It is considered an extremely valuable tool for centralization of data that can be accessed in a controlled manner by many users spread over multiple locations. And in case there are several users, the DBMS maintains data consistency and it also provides the database protection and database security. It can limit the amount of data a viewer can access and how they can view it.

Some well-known examples of DBMSs are Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2, etc.

Any DBMS has a number of functions, such as it provides:

1.  Logical and physical data independence
2.  Utility and recovery services
3.  The clear and logical view of the data manipulation process
4.  Concurrency control
5.  Administrative tasks such as change management, performance monitoring, etc.

Some DBMSs also perform restarts, logging, and auditing of activity, automated rollbacks, etc.

While there are some disadvantages of DBMSs such as their being large in size, expensive, and complex, their advantages overshadow these completely. Here are some benefits of DBMSs.

They ensure:

  Minimal data duplicity
•  Easy data retrieval
•  Reduced development times
•  Diminished maintenance need

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