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Data Storage Device

Data storage devices are basically hardware resources that help in extracting, porting, and storing objects as well as data files. These devices are capable of storing and recording all kinds of information, be it media files, documents, files, and many more on a permanent as well as a temporary basis. Data storage can either be permanent or temporary in nature. These devices can be of two types basically – internal or external.

A data storage device is the core component in a computing device, where all kinds of the application, as well as data, are stored.

There are two kinds of storage's available –

• Primary – These primary storing devices are small-sized and have been designed specifically for keeping data on a temporary basis. This storage system can be categorized as internal memory. Fastest data speed is ensured here including RAM, cache, and others.

• Secondary – These secondary storage devices have large storage capacity and are meant for storing data permanently. The secondary data storage device can be used to the computer system either in internal form or external form. An example will clear the confusion. Whether you are using USB storage medium, compact disk drive, or hard disk, all are secondary storage mediums.

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