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Data Server

Data Server is the phrase employed to describe computer hardware and software that collectively deliver database services. It is also known as a database server.

Quite frequently, data server functionality is provided by database management systems.

It performs several tasks. Such as:

 - Data manipulation
 - Data analysis
 - Archiving

As software, when following the traditional client-server model, a data server would be the backend part of a database application. This portion is sometimes also known as the instance. This can also be used to refer to the physical computer used to host the database.

A data server is independent of database architecture. Whether it is flat files, relational databases, or non-relational databases – all of these can be accommodated on data servers.

In the client-server model, the data server may be the instance (the backend part) of the data application; it may also be the hardware computer that hosts the backend portion. In some cases, it may be a combination – of the software and the hardware.

Typically, in small or mid-sized setups, the hardware data server hosts the server part of the software application that uses the database.

In large organizations, the volume of transactions may be quite high. It may be difficult for one computer to handle the load. Now, in this case, the database software will reside on a dedicated computer. The application will reside on another. There will be a dedicated data server in this instance, which is a combination of both the hardware and the software. There will also be a separate dedicated application server.

Most data servers work with the base of the Query language. They understand their query language and convert it to server readable form. Then, they execute it so as to retrieve the results.

Some examples of proprietary data servers are:

 - Oracle
 - Informix
 - Microsoft SQL server
 - DB2

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