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Data Network

Data network is defined as electronic communication which permits orderly transmission as well as data reception like spreadsheets, letters, and others. What makes this network different from different communication forms like audio network and it is configured for the transmission of data. On the contrary to voice or audio network that is often engaged for data transmissions like facsimile transmission and voice communications.

Basically, there are two kinds of data networks which are operational nowadays. Essentially, the private network is a network which is created to permit data transmission in between different departments in an entity like an enterprise. Every location of the company might include network nodes as well as capable to do communication via the common server which functions as a source for data files utilized in the business. There are few instances of private networks which permit data sharing among various companies which are part of similar industry or profession. Connections could be achieved via Virtual Private Network (VPN) creation which resides on the master VPS server or through provisioning connections via communications carrier.

Computer or data networks support ā€œnā€ number of services and applications like access to digital video, World Wide Web, digital audio/video, printers, fax machines, storage servers, share application use, use of instant/email messaging apps and others. They differ as per transmission medium which is utilized to carry the signals, size of network, topology and communications protocols in order to form network traffic. In addition, it is also used for organizational intent and traffic control mechanism. The widely known data or computer network is the internet. 

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