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Data Center Virtualization

The process of adopting cloud computing technologies for virtualization is known as Data Center Virtualization. It consists of the planning, development, and deployment of a virtualized server environment that facilitates cloud adoption. Data Center Virtualization is aimed at enabling virtualization of physical servers, storage, networking, and other devices in data center infrastructure.

Virtualization of the data center is a comprehensive process involving a wide array of technologies and tools to facilitate a broad range of services. Virtualized data center is in position to host a number of the virtual data center by leveraging existing capabilities. Data Center Virtualization is beneficial in the number of ways. It reduces the number of physical servers and thereby heat dissipation.

Data Center Virtualization reduces data center’s dependence on hardware to a great extent and improves cost efficiency and ROI. It also facilitates rapid redeployment and smooth backup process that ensures real-time availability of data through round the clock snapshots. These snapshots are also useful for facilitating easy disaster recovery. Robustness of data center can be enhanced with Data Center virtualization as it helps separation of the database server, email server and so forth.

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