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Data Center Tier Levels

Data Center Tier Levels are the indication of the data center’s readiness to sustain different types of failure challenges including power outage and more. Tier level of the data center is a standard that denotes robustness of data center in terms of fault-tolerant systems that facilitate uninterrupted operations during any type of emergency. Higher tier levels assure better sustainability of data center and immunity against crisis situations. Power redundancy of data center is mentioned as N. N+1 and 2N. Therefore a system with N redundancy does not provide any redundancy. Higher levels of redundancies are provided by N+1 and 2N facilities.

Classification of tier levels has become more specific due to advances in fault tolerance assessment technologies. Tier-I data center infrastructure uses a single path to carry out system processes that have no redundancy. These data centers do not provide any fault tolerance whatsoever. Enhanced redundancy is found to some extent in Tier-II data centers in terms of power and climate control resources. In case of Tier-II, I data centers more dependable security is provided against power outages. Reliability of backup power systems of Tier-III data center is regarded as N+1 redundancy. The greatest level of redundancy is found in Tier-IV data centers in terms of power, climate control, data storage, and distribution. 

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