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Data Center Security

Data Center Security deals with implementation of a variety of measures to protect data center infrastructure including its IT resources and all other assets. Data centers are prone to a wide array of threats such as cyber threats or physical attacks. Environmental factors including natural calamities also play a vital role in exposing data centers to the hazards of quakes, storms, floods, and so forth. The basic objective of Data Center Security is to provide an impregnable defense to the data stored in the data center environment.

Securing the networking capabilities of the data center is of prime importance for maintaining seamless connectivity. It can be arranged by implementing adequate anti-virus, anti-malware protection and firewalls to prevent hackers or any other elements from breaching the network security.

The Data center can be secured from natural calamities by selecting the safer geographical location for building infrastructure. However, in order to protect the data center from other threats, there has to be a continuous and systematic implementation of various security processes. Physical security of data center can be ensured by establishing robust physical as well as electronic barriers to restrict access of unauthorized elements inside data center premises.

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