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Data Center Rack

Data Center Rack is a framework for positioning computing equipment in the data center. Data Center Rack is fabricated by using steel and is used for positioning servers, cables, and network equipment for proper placement and configuration within the data center’s facility. The principal use of Data Center Rack is to position server equipment.

Data Center Racks are provided with slots to connect multiple cables for internet, electrical and networking cables. Classification of the rack is based on a number of servers ("U") it can contain. Normally, Data Center Rack is designed to hold 42 U. Width of the enclosure is usually 19 inches.

Data Center Rack is designed to house different versions of servers including rack and blade servers. These are also used for holding many different components such as UPS, cooling systems, networking equipment, and telecommunication devices.

Standard dimensions of Data Center Rack are constantly revised in order to keep pace with changing IT trends. Changes in rack dimensions are mainly due to the fact that modern servers are designed to have more power in spite of the same form factor. It is observed that Data Center Rack dimensions are undergoing changes in terms of greater height, width, and depth. 

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