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Data Center Optimization

Data Center Optimization consists of processes and initiatives to improve the overall efficiency of data center operations. Optimization is an effective use of resources and aims at reducing costs without affecting operational efficiency.  The major objective of Data center optimization is to enhance returns on investment by reducing operational expenses, improving storage efficiency, optimum resource utilization, and increasing virtualization.

Relooking into backup strategies and data storage can help reduce costs considerably. This can also improve user experience to a great extent. Evaluating the means of reducing the current status of energy consumption can definitely offer insights into energy optimization. Optimum utilization of human resources is a key factor for effective Data Center Optimization.

Data Center Optimization can also be achieved by implementing reconfiguration of the data center or reducing the number of servers, storage devices and other components of hardware by optimizing data storage resources. Reduction of operational expenditure can be achieved by minimizing administrative expenses and implementing smarter ways to use utilities such as power, water, space, and cooling. Optimization of ongoing data center operations improves the prospects of future expansion initiatives.

Data Center Optimization should be an ongoing process and should involve all stakeholders and management staff for more practical solutions.

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