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Data Center Migration

Data Center Migration refers to the relocation of the current environment of the data center to another data center location. It is a complex procedure involving thorough and systematic planning that involves logical and operational migration followed by physical relocation. Data Center Migration must be planned in such a way that there is minimal impact on existing operations.

Data center Migration is a complex activity that needs to be implemented with surgical precision. Relocation of data center involves moving of data, software, hardware, networking equipment, power and cooling systems, and all other resources. Migration of data center should be carried out in a stepwise manner by understanding resource requirement, scope, and budget of the process.

Analysis of new facility should be carried out to confirm that it satisfies the basic objectives of migration and has the capability for future expansion initiatives. Compatibility of new premises with an existing set of applications should be judged thoroughly. Post-migration testing is vital and data center procedures and processes should be appropriately updated by concerned staff.

The aim of planning for Data Center Migration is mitigation of risk during and after the migration activity.

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