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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Center Infrastructure Management is the comprehensive administration of IT facilities and all other assets of the data center. It provides insights into the way data center infrastructure is performing and helps data center administrators arrive at policies for optimizing floor space, energy consumption, and resource utilization.

Data Center Infrastructure Management offers a holistic approach towards efficient and dynamic use of IT and other supportive facilities of the data center. It looks into multiple aspects of data center operations such as risk and asset management, optimization of automation initiatives, capacity planning, and resource availability.

Use of DCIM tools is focused at unified management of all data center resources including hardware, software, power, and other utilities. These tools are also vital for understanding the correlation between IT systems and data center assets. DCIM software can precisely analyze power usage effectiveness by installing sensors at power resources to monitor energy consumption.

DCIM tools empower data center administrators to assimilate and analyze real-time data in terms of power and cooling resource utilization. This can be of great use for data center maintenance and to plan alterations or modifications before installation of new equipment.

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