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Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCIE)

Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency is a measure that indicates the data center’s energy efficiency. It is the division of total power consumed by IT equipment and total power consumed by data center infrastructure. DCIE is expressed in percentage. Data Center Energy Efficiency helps to understand the efficiency of the entire data center facility.

In order to calculate DCIE absolute energy use by the facility should be measured by subtracting power usage by any other utility that is not related to data center operations. In order to determine the amount of total power required by server racks, measure IT equipment load after power conversion, conditioning, and switching. This is ideally measured at computer room PDUs.

If the DCIE is calculated as 3 percent, then it means that for every 3 units of power consumed by the data center facility, only one unit is distributed to the IT load. DCIE should be constantly monitored for improving the energy efficiency pattern of data center. There are some basic factors that can be analyzed to enhance energy efficiency of data center such as data center layout, implementation of virtualization architecture, use of air containment and so forth.

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