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Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center Infrastructure is the entire collection of core resources that can be classified as computing and non-computing facilities present inside the data center. It also consists of a wide array of IT resources including hardware, software, networking devices, storage area network, servers, routers, and many more. Data center management tools and software is essential for the proper functioning of the data center.

In addition to hardware and software IT equipment, data center infrastructure comprises of high-end security systems that can include firewalls, access control biometric devices, internet connectivity, racks, cables, fire protection systems, HVAC systems, power backup, and other utility equipment. Data Center premises, including data center building, are also part of data center infrastructure.

It equipment is the most vital aspect of the data center and all other components of Data Center Infrastructure are designed to support the smooth functioning of IT equipment. Electrical infrastructure of data center provides redundant power supply and is supported by multiple backup systems that can take over power supply in the event of outages with help of automated electrical switches. Data Center Infrastructure is part of the data center’s design plan. 

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