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Data Center Hosting

Data Center Hosting is implemented when an organization needs to host its data center on the infrastructure of the service provider. It involves deployment of the data center by leveraging cloud exchange capabilities of the service provider. Users can continue to use all existing features, services, and resources of the existing data center from external hosting platform instead of depending on in-house IT infrastructure.

Data Center Hosting can be done by shifting user’s data and applications from on-premises IT facilities to the host data center. The service provider is supposed to make the provision of fundamental requirements such as power, and other operational resources. 

Depending on the situation and requirements, hosting service provider may dedicate an entire data center to a single user or offer one data center on resource sharing basis to a group of clients. Common examples of Data Center Hosting are managed or cloud data centers.

Data Center Hosting offers multiple advantages to users. It improves operational efficiency and flexibility with assured cost savings. The right service provider with excellent cloud exchange capabilities can mitigate latency by increasing throughput. Data Center Hosting is also regarded for its scalability and security.

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