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Data Center Design

Data Center Design is the conceptual plan of various resources of the data center such as IT resources, infrastructure resources, and related architectural layout. It is vital to the process of establishing data center’s environment logically for effective planning and implementation of the build process.

Data Center Design assumes great significance in the development of data center facility and is prepared by system architects in the form of the document. It offers schematic diagram for logical understanding of facility and covers all aspects of data center infrastructure.

Computing parameters of the data center that are involved in design are enterprise resource planning, server related details, and layout, networking equipment layout, customer relationship management, and so forth. In terms of non-computing aspects of Data Center Design, one can list different facilities such as security, cooling, disaster recovery, physical building of a data center and so forth.

Ideal Data Center Design should be future ready and should be able to avoid major upgrades for a long time in order to mitigate costly alterations that could affect the data center’s functionalities. It should also conform to existing standards of data center architecture.

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