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Data Center Cooling

Data Center Cooling is the comprehensive set of processes, equipment, strategies, and techniques that are used to maintain ideal temperature conditions inside the data center.

The objective of data center cooling is to ensure flawless functionality of devices and equipment used in the data center without any interruptions in data center operations.

Data Center Cooling is implemented by using a wide spectrum of equipment that consists of air dust, air conditioning equipment, cooling towers, and so forth.

The common method of data center cooling involves a layout, known as Hot Row Cold Row. This ensures that cool air is sucked in by rack hardware from the front side and exhausted from the backside.
Management and monitoring of Data Center Cooling are performed with help of customized software that is also used to ensure efficient alarm system.

CRAC technique leverages air conditioning technology by pushing chilled air around server racks and other equipment. In modern data centers, more efficient and cost-effective cooling measures are adopted such as in row coolers (IRC).

These systems are aimed at focusing on critical components with the high density of hot air with help of small fans. Independent cooling systems also reduce the chances of failure of the entire system.

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