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Data Center Container

Data Center Container (or Data-Center-in-a-Box) is a self-contained data center module positioned inside a tailor-made shipping container for ease of mobility and transportation to far off sites. Data Center Container is provided with all necessary resources including HVAC system, UPS for redundant power supply, and lighting. It also houses servers that are rack mounted.

Data Center Container is designed for easy deployment and parallelized installation with other data centers in containers for the building-wide network of modular data centers in off-site locations.

These modular data centers are commonly offered by service providers are pre-fabricated or ready to use data centers for immediate commissioning at required locations. They can also be loaded on trucks, ships, or rail networks. Next generation data centers are designed to use modern cooling technologies such as evaporative cooling and do not need chilled water as seen in conventional cooling systems.

Data Center Containers are helping organizations save huge costs on power consumption. These modular data centers can easily be relocated and deployed in the shortest possible time for mission-critical applications at locations where conventional data centers are not available.

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