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Data Center Backup

Data Center Backup is essentially a component of disaster recovery policies of a data center. It is vital for business continuity and must for data centers of all sizes. It can involve on-site or off-site backup of functional components such as systems as well as nodes.

Data Center Backup is also significant for maintaining and storing hardware resources including servers, internet connections or networking devices, and so forth. Redundancy of power is ensured by efficient backup systems that consist of diesel-powered or battery powered UPS systems.

Normally, modern data center backup solutions store data on the cloud by encrypting and de-duping prior to sending it to a secured data storage point. Data backup storage tools should ideally be able to store data in multiple locations with capabilities of storing backup data in the cloud. These solutions must be able to swiftly restore applications by protecting running applications.

Data Center Backup is achieved by high-end backup software due to the constantly evolving complexities of modern data centers. Virtualization and cloud-based applications are driving data center activities. Therefore Data Center Backup solutions must be able to protect databases, mobile endpoints, enterprise applications, apart from physical and virtual machines.

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