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Data Center Architecture

The physical layout of different equipment to be stored in a data center is known as data center architecture. It is vital for deployment of data center infrastructure and the blueprint facilitates architectural guidelines for the establishment of the data center. It is also a logical overview of how different workflows should be structured. Usually, data center architectural layout is designed during the construction stage of the data center. It clearly indicates the physical positioning of servers, networking, storage, and other resources that are to be positioned in the data center.

The data center architecture is essentially a layered design and can be ideally divided into three layers including:

- Access layer, 
- Aggregation layer,  
- Core layer.

A multi-tiered approach to data center architecture is time tested and involves intense planning and logic It should be flexible enough to support the deployment of new applications as well as services without any hassles. Ideal data center architecture enables ease of maintenance, scalability, and improves performance.

Data center architecture is the most important part of the overall IT infrastructure because it forms the core of all IT operations. While designing data center architecture many critical factors are considered such as port density, server capacity, uplink bandwidth, and so forth. 

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