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Data Center

Data center refers to a physical facility for housing networking systems, computers, servers, components, administrative infrastructure, and server rooms. It is designed to perform a wide spectrum of computing operations, server management, hosting related activities, and data storage tasks. It consists of a wide array of routers, firewalls, backup systems, climate control devices, fire protection measures, and state of the art access control devices including CCTV just to name a few.

Data center facility must be equipped with redundant power supply measures with multiple backup systems such as diesel-powered generators and battery-powered UPS systems. Carrier neutral data centers offer multiple telecommunication networks for seamless availability of the network. The data center can be established within the organization to cater to all IT related operations or can exist as a shared hosting facility maintained by web hosting service provider.

Maintenance of dedicated data center involves high capital and operational expenses. Hence one can see the emergence of shared data centers that cater to hosting needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Physical access to personnel from client organizations is restricted in shared data centers. It may be granted only in case of colocation hosting services.

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