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Wiki | D | Daemon


Daemon is short for Disk and Execution Monitor. This computer program is designed to run as a continuous and long-running background process without being controlled by an interactive server. Although the genesis of the term relates to Unix, Daemon is used by most of the other operating systems in various forms. In Windows operating systems Daemons are known as System Agents.

Name of process belonging to Daemon program ends with letter 'd', for easy identification of the Daemon process as well as its differentiation from normal computer programs. Daemons process begins at boot time and continues to respond to hardware activities, network requests, and many more programs and perform specific tasks. Common examples of Daemon names are lpd, sshd, inetd, and nfsd. The last letter' is the indication that this is related to a daemon process.

Typically, the Daemon process is found in print spoolers and e-mail handlers. These are also used for carrying out administrative tasks in various operating systems. Commonest example of Daemon process is receiving an e-mail message regarding the undeliverable message. Such messages are delivered by mailer daemon. The HyperText Transfer or HTTPD protocol is a Daemon process that seamlessly waits for Web clients and their users to send requests. Daemons can also perform distinctive operations in response to events at pre-defined times.

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