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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Cascading style sheet (CSS) is a process of adding styles like fonts, colors, spaces etc. on the web documents. The web pages are derived from different sources and come with styles that are conflicting to each other.

CSS was first implemented in the year 1997 for the web developers to outline the style and looks of their web pages. Today most of the browses support CSS and there are technical specifications for the layout. Style sheets refer to the design of the document. It ensures that a web page is designed as per the specifications laid out with the added feature of informing the viewer web browser how the document needs to be viewed. Cascade takes the literal meaning like the flow of a waterfall, every page of a website has at least one style sheet even if the designers do not apply any style. It is like a default style sheet and when a designer applies a different style the browsers have to be instructed which style to be applied. CSS is important as well written style sheets are easier and faster to update and steps up the look of a website. It allows the users to do many more things to their websites.  

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