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Cron (Cron Jobs)

Cron is a time based job-scheduler software. It is mainly used to schedule commands or shell scripts to run at pre-fixed times occasionally. There are times when an organization may require to create a scheduled task for their website. Some content management systems like Drupal or a website statics software like AWStats need a background program to be run at a particular time. The software asks for a cron job to be created on the web server.


Cron jobs are not enabled by default. They need a website to be running on a Unix-type web server like Linux but it cannot be deployed on a website that is hosted on a Windows server. Cron jobs are created using a command line program called crontab. It also requires shell script like SSH or Telnet protocols. It is most suitable for tasks that have to be repeated. The users can set a frequency of a job to be done. Crontab installs the schedule that has been created on an internal set of tables that it manages. At the appropriate scheduled time, another cron will execute the tasks that have been set. 

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