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Wiki | C | Cookie


The cookie is a message or information that is given to a web browser or a client hard disk by a website server. This helps a website in retaining information about the visitor for later use and reference. A cookie stores the visitor’s preferences when they visit a site. Using the HTTP, the cookie records all the page requests that come from a visitor and each request is independent of the other. The web page server does not have the ability or memory to store a visitor’s previous requests.


A cookie is a process which allows a server to keep a record of the information it had generated about a visitor on the visitor’s own computer. Although the cookie content may not make sense to the visitor, they can view the cookie stored in their hard disk by the website that they had visited previously. Different browsers store the cookies in different locations on a computer.

Cookies are being used to ensure that a website does not keep repeating sending the same banner ads each time a visitor requests for some information. Cookies also help a website in offering customized pages for the visitor based on the information provided to the website. 

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