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Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Continuous Data Protection is a process of copying all the data from a source like a computer and saving them. It is a type of data replication where every information of an organization is backed up as and when change is made. CDP takes a snapshot each time a data is created or modified in a computer and creates an electronic bulletin of the stored snapshots.

Continuous data protection keeps a record of all the information and gives an organization access to all information even at times when a system gets infected with the virus or gets corrupted or data is deleted. Data recovery can be done within minutes ensuring that the business does not go offline till such period the computer components are repaired or replaced.

Continuous data protection copies changed data from the source to a target location. It is working continuously and the data is saved in the disk that is in the same site as the origin. This automatically speeds the recovery process and is much faster than the traditional form of backing up on external devices and tapes. The CDP installation process is simple and easy. The hardware deployed will not affect the working of the computer system in any way.

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