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Content Management System (CMS)

CMS expands to Content Management System and is a system that plays a critical role in the success of any organization that has a website or does business online in any form.

The content management system is a software application or includes a series of related programs that are designed to create and manage digital content.

They are usually used for the content management of enterprises. Popularly known by the acronym, ECM or Enterprise Content Management, it is a handy system that facilitates seamless collaboration in the workplace by helping in the integration of documents. ECM can also help in vital activities within an organization such as digital asset management and functionalities such as retention of records.

A content management system supports the conception, administration, delivery, and publishing of corporate information. It takes care of the entire lifespan of the pages. CMS involves providing basic tools needed to create the content, do the entire publishing, and finally archiving the entire content.

It also allows you to manage the page appearance of the published content and the site structure. Even the navigation process can be improved. Managing web content is one of the most common functions of the CMS. In some circles, these systems are therefore called web management systems (WMS).

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