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Container as a Service

The container as a Service refers to a cloud service which lets the users deploy and manage containers, clusters, and applications through virtualization technologies. The container as a Service or CaaS becomes highly useful for developers and IT personnel when it comes to creating scalable and secure containerized applications.

So, CaaS offers a rather easy method to set up container clusters. This is why orchestration which is responsible for automating all important IT functions becomes integral to CaaS technologies. For instance, Docker Swarm and Apache Mesos are CaaS orchestration platforms. AWS, Rackspace and Google are some of the public cloud providers which offer SaaS solutions. Container technologies are popular these days because they control software development and this is why developers are ready to adopt this technology as soon as they can.

The biggest benefit of using CaaS is that once it is built it can be made to run anywhere. So, containers are portable. You can easily run the applications in different environments like physical servers or local desktops, virtual servers, public and private clouds, and production environments. This gives businesses a huge amount of flexibility and accelerates the developmental processes. Because containers will not need a distinct OS, they will consume fewer resources. Moreover, since the containers have high utilization levels as far as hardware goes, you will end up needing less hardware. This brings down overall costs and data center costs.

Containers may run on one server using the same resources but they will not interact with one another. So, when an application crashes, others having this same application do not need to worry. The isolation helps to eliminate security risks. Moreover, even if one application gets hacked by malware, it is not going to have negative effects on other running containers. Containers are lightweight and they will start quickly because they do not need an OS boot. So, building or replicating or even destroying containers may be done quickly. This accelerates time to market because development gets speeded up. Better speeds also offer many opportunities to enhance customer experience because it allows developers to act faster when it comes to adding features of troubleshooting bugs. Containers also make way for horizontal scaling that lets you add similar containers inside a cluster. Unlike traditional virtualization wherein every virtual machine is going to host its own operating system the containers will run applications in isolation from the host OS. 

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