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Computer Security

Computer security, also known as IT security or cyber security is the term that represents the protection of computer systems from any and every kind of threat that the computer can encounter. It can be the threat of damage or theft to the hardware mechanisms, information, software or it could also be misdirection and disruption of the services provided by them. Cyber security has a wide scope, it includes control of physical access to your hardware and also protection against damages caused through network access, code injection, and data.

It is also important to understand that the domain of computer security is plagued by malpractice performed by operators, be it accidental or intentional. Computer systems are often under threat since the security is often tricked and forced to deviate from secure procedures by means of various methods. The field of security is growing in the importance of our increased dependence on computer systems. Today, life without internet or without wireless networks like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is unimaginable. Smart devices like smart-phones or television sets that have internet have also found the place in our lives, making the security factor of computing devices even more relevant. 

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