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Colocation Server

It is easy to understand the meaning of the term 'server colocation' if we focus on what colocation is. Co-location is sharing a particular location and server colocation denotes hosting of a server owned by an individual or an organization in the facility designed for the purpose of deployment.

The prime objective of colocation server is to utilize basic facilities of server hosting offered by colocation facility. Colocation server uses all infrastructural resources that are normally provided by hosting service providers.

Therefore, for all practical reasons, the server continues to be the property of the person or organization who commands all aspects of server management, operation, and applications.

The service provider is only offering rack space, network, cooling, monitoring, and power resources. Access to the server is enabled by the service provider to the client via a virtual private network (VPN).

Colocation is almost similar to dedicated hosting with the only difference being the owner of the server. Clients are also offered other facilities such as backup services, bandwidth, and IP address by service providers. In terms of operational costs, colocation is much more economical than dedicated hosting.

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