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Are you wondering about what Colocation means? Colocation, also referred to as colo or co-location is a practice where a third party housing area is used to lodge networking apparatus and privately-owned servers.

A colocation center is basically a dedicated facility that’s designed to offer resources to its clients.

These resources could be:

  • Storage Area
  • Interrupted Power Supply
  • Internet Connection
  • Security and Safety Measures
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems

All this will ensure that your equipment is safe from problems like fire, theft, vandalism, etc.

Some of the better centers are staffed 24/7. They will offer some basic support upon request. However, you are responsible for your equipment’s upkeep. You will be allowed physical access to it whenever you need it.

Do not assume that bandwidth would be automatically included in the center’s services. However, some colocation centers offer ‘house’ bandwidth. Typically, this would be a reasonably priced blend of two or more major Internet traffic carriers.

If needed, you can purchase a network device or two – like the switch, router, firewall, etc. so that you can manage traffic in and out of your servers. Usually, these devices are not sold to you by the colocation provider.

Colocation is more of a do-it-yourself solution, quite unlike Managed Hosting.

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