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CMS Made Simple

CMS made simple is a power packed content management system that offers fast and easy management of website content. It is free and open-source and suitable for both small and large businesses. It was first initiated in 2004 in the PHP language. The last release is the v2.1.6 released in December 2016.  It is available under the GPL license and requires the PHP 5.5 + installation.

Features of CMS made simple:

It provides tools to create and manage pages, page layouts, and their content.
 Allows easy navigation and the administrators can reorganize their web pages in any form they like.
 Editors can easily manage their content without the need of knowing the technical aspects of how the CMS works.
 CMS Made Simple provides the ability to manage newsletters, articles, contact forms, search functions, a WYSIWYG editor and many other in-built features.
 It also comes with many third-party add-on features that allow the developers to build websites with numerous functionalities.
 There is plenty of help and support available. It comes with an inbuilt introduction of how to use the content pages, templates, and stylesheets. The CMs has a forum where the users post their problems and issues with the CMS to which the developers and other contributors give their suggestions and advice.

In case there is a requirement of some special features that are not available, the administrators can ask the development team of the CMS to design it for them for payment. 

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