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Clustering is the grouping of computers and other resources as if they were one single unit. The clustering can be through software or hardware or any other type of network. Its main aim is to make a group of computers appear as a single integrated system that is available all through the year and delivers its functions quick. There are several benefits of clustering many of which complement one another. Clustering functions as a load balancer and divides the workload among the group by distributing traffic from a heavily loaded server to an idle one and ensuring that no single server is burdened while others are lying idle. It is a parallel processing unit as it works on the concept of dividing large issues into smaller ones and distributed on the cluster of servers so that the workload is implemented efficiently and quickly. 

Clustering allows scalability. It ensures that the performance is not affected by adding new components as a business demands to support peak demands. This is possible and instantly available as there are several computer servers in the network. The cluster technology allows horizontal scalability generally referred to as capacity on demand. Computing resources like storage, memory are added or removed as the business workload grows. The computing requirements keep changing and clustering facilities on-demand scaling. Clustering also simplifies the system management. Since all the servers work as a single database it allows uniform instinctive management and administration, detecting and implementing recovery processes from failures can be done in a single effort. It offers fault tolerance. Resources are always available even at times of a hardware or software failure. Since clustering has redundancy in resources it has the ability to offer continuity in business. Clustering is very important as it delivers the vital requirements of fast response and high availability for all types of businesses.

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