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Clustered Web Hosting

Clustered web hosting is a new kind of storage platform that has been designed by following the tiered storage architecture. Per this kind of hosting, the system is equipped to promote the more frequently used data. There’s no user interaction is needed and everything is managed by the system itself. Seamless prioritization is done by the system itself by monitoring the sites’ usage levels as well as that of the data. Heterogeneous Storage is used by the cluster platform, thereby enabling easy movement of the operating system from Linux to Windows. Users will be able to experience the same performance even when your site is facing a sudden spike in traffic. As hosting is done across multiple clustered web servers, there is no way that the performance will get adversely affected. The system has been made in such a way that the traffic is rerouted to a server that is only used frequently. In such a situation, the system is rerouted to the contended server, where the traffic is already lower. 

Clustered architecture achieves new redundancy as well as resilience, thereby reducing downtime to a minimum. This happens during maintenance periods as well as upgrades. Two beneficial aspects achieved through clustered web hosting are mitigation of failures during storage as well as the server. There are many advantages associated with Clustered web hosting for shared servers and they are high availability, security, scalability, and better hardware utilization. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect here is that the site keeps on running through other cluster nodes even when the maintenance work is going on. Maintenance windows here can be taken out one by one. Clustered web hosting also comes handy in cases of hardware failure. As multiple servers are associated, security of one server remains intact even when root access of a web server gets compromised. 

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