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Clustered File System

Clustered file system are not individual servers with a set of clients but are file systems that can be run on multiple storage servers individually or simultaneously. They can be retrieved, opened, edited and managed as one single system. The CFS, as it is abbreviated into, pulls and shares the available storage capacity on storage networks ensuring smooth and reliable performance and increasing the storage utilization.

The clustered file system offers a Volume Manager with which the administrators can allocate capacity. This is important for a business as it gives an insight into an estimate of space, hardware, software, and resources that will be required in the future based on the current volume.

The clustered file system organizes the storage and allows access to the data across all the clusters in the network. This is an improvement over the traditional file system where the storage retrieval is managed between the storage system and operating system. It becomes complicated when the servers are in a cluster form.

A cluster file system becomes necessary if the cluster is used by multiple users and for collaboration. With the CFS users can access, work and update their tasks simultaneously using different devices. it also can control a node’s access to the shared storage eliminating the possibility of multiple nodes creating duplication overlapping.

Clustered file systems can create redundancy and allow location free addressing to ensure better reliability and superior performance while reducing the complexity of the other parts in the network or cluster.

Clustered file systems are of different kinds. Parallel file cluster systems distribute the data across multiple storage systems. There is also a shared disk file system that uses the Storage Area Network (SAN) to enable multiple computers to get access on the client node. The objective is to avoid interruption, data loss due to device corruption.

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