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Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud web hosting is a form of hosting that runs on a cluster of servers i.e. a website draws its resources from a number of virtual servers. This ensures that the resources are available to the customers for them to use as and when they need them. It also has the capability to balance the traffic load among all the servers. The security aspect is also well take off in a cloud environment.

Cloud web hosting is an ideal form of hosting platform for the small businesses that need more resources and flexibility than what they get in shared hosting. They have the option to move to the dedicated server. This form of hosting has one single business residing on the server and utilizing all the resources for their website or websites. The business has to have technical expertise and it is an expensive hosting form which may not be suiting the budget of small businesses.

Cloud web hosting offers several benefits. It is scalable. Since there is a cluster of servers, resources can be pulled instantly from other servers when there is a sudden rush of traffic on a server. Similarly, at times of a server failure, functioning of a business is not affected as resources are pulled from the other virtual servers.

Yet another feature is the urgency on-demand factor. A sudden peak traffic times, the business need not wait for the technical support team to come and increase the resources. Cloud web hosting allows you access to all the resources immediately without affecting the other websites performance and eliminates the risk of website crashing due to heavy traffic load.

Cloud web hosting gives the same benefits that business gets with a dedicated hosting but at far lesser costs. It also allows the clients to pay only for the services they use without the need of buying them in advance and waste them.

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