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Cloud Sourcing

When outsourced IT assets are delivered either through a cloud-based platform then it is called cloud sourcing. For running business processes on site the company outsources the application through the cloud and in this way avoids a costly investment that needs to be done in software, hardware, and employment of special IT support staff. In this way, the business avoids outlay of a large amount of capital as well as running expenses that are associated to keep each process in-house.

This brings the same benefits on board as traditional outsourcing. However, cloud sourcing has two distinctive benefits over their traditional counterparts and they are –

• Accessibility - When a business uses cloud sourcing then the access becomes unlimited because it can now be accessed from anywhere. You, either as an employee having the cloud access or the owner of the business, can access the application from any place across the world provided you have internet connection access. It has been seen that wireless-enabled smartphones and tablets with the business process software installed therein are used for updating payroll information from any remote work location (even when you are traveling on a tube) anywhere in the world.

• Scalability – Clouds have the inherent benefit of extreme scalability. When pressure on software usage is more, cloud resources are used more. However, there are times when this usage propensity falls. In such cases, the resource usage can be decreased with just a few clicks. As the pay-as-you-use model is used here, scalability is extremely high here. This aspect can’t be attained in the case of traditional outsourcing.

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