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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure refers to a virtual environment which can be accessed through the Internet. Cloud infrastructure basically indicates the on-demand products and services which are delivered through IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service. Cloud infrastructure includes the hardware and software elements like servers and storage, networking, virtualization software which are required for supporting the computing needs of cloud hosting models.

Businesses are using the cloud infrastructure in order to run their applications seamlessly. These cloud infrastructures can be bought according to a pay-as-you-use model where the users end up paying only for the resources they use and nothing extra. This payment is usually on an hourly or weekly or on a monthly basis. 

In cloud hosting, the resources are hosted by service providers and delivered to client enterprises through the Internet. Such resources will include servers, memory, networking components, load balancers, storage, and firewalls. The cloud infrastructure is found in each of these computing models namely PaaS or Platform as a Service, SaaS or Software as a Service and IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service.

When the cloud service providers maintain the infrastructure it is called a public cloud hosting model. When the enterprise that uses the cloud maintains the infrastructure, it is a private cloud and when both the provider and client own parts of the cloud infrastructure, it becomes a hybrid cloud environment.

The cloud infrastructure comprises of virtual servers, virtual computers, virtual networks, routers and switches, virtual memory and virtual storage clusters. These combine to form a full IT infrastructure which can function as efficiently as any physical one. Besides the advantages that a physical infrastructure offers, this cloud infrastructure offers some additional benefits like higher scalability, increased flexibility, economies of scale which means low capital requirements, and constant data accessibility from anywhere in the world as long as there is Internet connectivity.

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