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Cloud Envy

Cloud is a technology that has been gaining momentum right from the time it was initiated. Amazon, the cloud giant first launched its Elastic Cloud Compute services (EC2) where it allowed people and businesses to run their applications on the EC2 cloud instances. A few others like Google, IBM, Microsoft followed providing online services through data processing farms. Others who missed out on this opportunity looked for various methods to enter the cloud computing trends. They look at the big guns in what is termed Cloud Envy.

In simpler terms, cloud envy is the reaction of the companies that missed out on the technology. They look at the cloud tech giants with envy. Hardware manufacturer with whose infrastructure the cloud farms are built uses the term Envy to describe their hardware. Vendors that offer virtualization software use the term envy to describe the applications they offer.

People and industries that missed out or joined the cloud late look at those who benefited by moving to the cloud early with envy. This took place in all the industries - storage device manufacturers, software, hardware vendors, cloud computing service providers and more.

Asa the word suggests, envy is a concept where a person is under the notion that the other guy is better off than me. In the same principle, a business that has not adopted the cloud and realizes that they have done a mistake feels envious about the businesses in their field that are benefiting by adopting the cloud.

However, it is necessary for a business to be clear about their objectives. Cloud computing may not suit you if you have no intentions to grow big.

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