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Cloud Content Delivery Network

Cloud content delivery network is a network of cache servers and uses geographical proximity as the criteria to deliver content in any form like text, image, audio or video to a visitor. The cloud CDN provides the visitors all types of static and dynamic content at a fast speed without any server snags. Cloud CDN replicates the content and distributes it across the various servers that are situated in remote locations to manage high traffic and delivers the content from the nearest server. 

There are several advantages to the Cloud CDN for businesses. It speeds up the delivery time of a content. Visitors can access content from any location. The content can be sent to any number of requesting visitors with ease at the same time. It enhances the visitor's experience to the site and improves the possibilities of conversions.  It has the capabilities to prevent DDoS attacks and controls virus, malware and hacker intrusions. It is cost effective. Business owners are freed from the tensions of server crashes and downtime and get more time for their core business.

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