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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the term used for delivery of computing resources over the internet. This service is utility based – as in the user pays for what they use, just like they pay for power or water. The gamut of computing services may include networking, databases, analytics, software, servers, storage, and several others.

There are many benefits of cloud computing. These are:

1. Elasticity – companies that go in for cloud computing can scale up and down as their needs increase or decrease. This helps them keep their investment costs in check.

2. Speed – huge amounts of computing resources are made available to companies on demand, and within minutes. This takes an enormous amount of pressure off them in terms of capacity planning.

3. Performance –
most providers employ the latest hardware and software that are placed in secure data centers placed all around the world. These are regularly upgraded as well. This ensures optimal performance and greater economies of scale.

4. Reliability – since the data is replicated at multiple locations, business continuity is easier. Also, most providers offer customized disaster recovery plans too, which makes it easier for the client to concentrate on the core business tasks and leave the headaches of such issues to the experts.

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