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Cache is a high-speed access area which acts as a section reserved for memory or storage device. Memory cache and disk cache are the main types if cache generally used.

Memory cache forms a part of the SRAM which is short for high-speed static RAM. It is effective in those programs which generally access same or similar type of data recurrently. The computer can perform with greater speed and more efficiently as it keeps most of the information in SRAM. L3 and L2 are the caches you would find in most computers sold today. The relatively less effective L1 cache was found in computers that were made in the past.

The cache can improve the speed of data loads when users browse the internet. Every time a website or page is clicked on, the page along with the files associated with it is going to the cache on the hard drive of the browser which has been temporarily set up. If the web page along with the files placed on it has to be loaded again, and have not been altered, the page will be opened faster this time as it can be opened directly from the cache. You won’t have to download it.

Cache is a definite time-saver, especially for those using a modem. It can also help website owners make a neat saving on bandwidth

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