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Wiki | B | Bug


A bug is a problem that causes the crashing or malfunctioning of a computer program. Erroneous logic or insufficient data is often the cause of such crashes. A bug can be an error, defect or fault, which may deprive the user of obtaining the expected results.

While some bugs are caused by human errors and occur in source code or its design, there are other types of bugs that are created by hackers with malicious intent. Bugs can affect program functionality and can deliver incorrect results.

Some bugs are readily detected and can be removed without using any specialized processes. They can be cleared from the system using basic steps which are generally in-built by developers in the system. Some type of bugs can have serious effects on the functionality of the program while others can remain undetected within the system for a long time.

A program might crash when it is attacked by unidentified bugs which are tough to remove. Security bugs are those types which are created by malicious users. They are designed to bypass access controls and gain access to confidential information by persons unauthorized to have access.

Most bugs can be removed by a process called debugging which involves using specialized tools and programs.

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