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The browser is a software application that allows the user to search the internet and view web pages on the internet. Browsers give high-speed access to various websites.

The browser can be used to upload and download files on FTP (file transfer protocol) servers. It uses encryption keys while transferring the files to protect them from hackers and fraudsters misusing them. It uses SSL and TLS to secure internet visitors. It safeguards the user information coming with features like privacy settings, pop-up blockers, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-virus solutions etc.

The browser has to be simple and easy to use and offer features like:

• Tabbed Browsing

• Customizable Toolbar

• Integrated Search Engine

• Provision to save Bookmarks

• Set Parental Controls

• Create RSS Feeds

• Automated Updates

• Voice Interaction

• Commands like menus, icons, buttons etc.

The browser uses cookies to store information and caches the user information. Caching allows faster access to the pages as it does not require downloading of files.

The biggest requirement of a web browser is its speed that it offers to the visitor. Another important factor is the compatibility to all the operating systems. Desktop browsers decode HTML and let the users read text, play videos online and view images.

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