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The bot is a program that performs automated tasks similar to what human do. On the internet, bots are seen all over as spiders and crawlers. They search the websites for new page contents for the search engines indexes. Chatbots is an application that converses with a human being. Bots are programmed to imitate and act like human beings where one can put up a question to them instead of typing in a search engine. But they cannot answer something they are not automated for and will not answer or would just say they did not understand.

Chatbots are seen on most of the messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Twitter etc. A shopbot is an application that does the shopping on behalf of the customers and gets them the best prices. Knowbot is a program that collects specific knowledgeable information from the websites on the net. Bots are seen everywhere. Users can order their food, check their bank accounts, search for hotels, restaurants get reminders about upcoming bills and jot down notes and memos. There are malicious bots too. Spambots that can feed on the email addresses from the contact book or guest book pages. There are some bots that go on to download an entire website causing a drain on the bandwidth.

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