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Border Gateway Protocol

Border gateway protocol (BGP) is a routing standard protocol to exchange information and data between two or more gateways each having their own routers. It also functions as a Path Vector Protocol (PVP) communicating with all the externally connected networks like the various gateway routers, hosts, networks. The routing table has the complete list of all known routers and the addresses that they follow and the path they take and then decides on the route to be taken. It supports and makes it easier to use the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) that allows more IP addresses within a network. It follows a few attributes like:

AS Path - An autonomous system (AS) is a collection of one or more networks managed and controlled by one single entity.

Local Preference - It is used to choose the exit path in the autonomous system path.

Multi-Exit Discriminator - The third BGP attribute that allows the internet service providers to influence the path of traffic coming into the autonomous system.

Communities - generic tags used to signal different administrative policies between BGP norms.

Border gateway protocol is used within and between two internet service providers and comes with many route filters that allow the two providers to protect their networks.

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